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Web dev/designer here.

Coding CSS3 based animations is currently a pain in the butt, but its certainly interesting to learn and definitely invaluable to understand how CSS3 keyframing works. Likewise with JavaScript.

Hype looks like a great tool for one-off sites like the provided demos, but integrating animated objects created with Hype looks nearly impossible. WooGrit produces this js:


… which references resources such as http://static.tumultco.com/hype/gallery/WooGrit/WooGrit_Reso...

Hype will certainly have its place with the coming onslaught of HTML5 ads (/ducks), but from this developer's point of view, its a niche product.

When you say "integrating animated objects created with Hype looks nearly impossible", what's your intention? Embedding Hype documents in existing web pages takes three lines of HTML (and uploading the resources folder, of course), so it's almost as simple as using the <embed> tag.

Within Hype, you can compose custom js functions to be run in response to user actions, like mouse down. Those functions are pure js and, as such, can use any libraries included on the same page which embeds your Hype document. Hype documents also vend a js API so external scripts can trigger animations or scene changes. With those two features, the Hype document can become a seamless part of an existing web page.

I'm curious to hear more about your needs, though! Feel free to email me at ryan@tumultco.com if you'd like to chat some more.

I think efields' criticism centers around the fact that Hype packages the animations in addition to simplifying their creation.

I was also a bit surprised initially by the bundling of everything - html, css, js - into a single .js file. Certainly seems like a smooth solution for your targeted user base though. Copy/paste to embed, upload.

I'd be very interested in an 'export components' feature whereby you could export formatted css/html into distinct files/views for straightforward incorporation in larger projects, etc. (I admittedly have yet to try it, so maybe something like this is supported.)

You guys have impeccable timing as well. I'll certainly be picking up a copy!

Woah, that's like 300kb of javascript...

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