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Awesome. This is just what's needed to take the crown from Flash. Flash is really a designer's tool, and if you don't have a designer-friendly IDE you're never going to replace it. I'm pleased to see someone progressing on this front, though of course we'd much prefer to see an open-source IDE.

Awesome. This is just what's needed to take the crown from Flash

I've been hearing that for the past few years about every new piece of technology. Hasn't happened yet.

If you think the crappy IDE is the best Flash offers, you're way off base.

Please expand. I'm aware there are some things that HTML 5 does not offer a reasonable replacement for, but a tool like this could easily eliminate many of the trivial uses of Flash for banners, ads, menus, etc., and there is no hope of eliminating Flash without a designer-friendly IDE, imo. I did not mean Flash would become totally undone or useless because of this application, as this application does not address some of the problems with HTML 5 like audio generation, encrypted streaming, etc. Why do you disagree?

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