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mytop - a `top` clone for MySQL

You're probably better off with innotop http://sourceforge.net/projects/innotop/files/

The new home for innotop is http://code.google.com/p/innotop/, and for anyone looking for other amazing FOSS tools for MySQL (especially Percona builds with XtraDB)- http://www.percona.com/docs/wiki/percona-xtrabackup:start http://www.maatkit.org/

You can do some amazing things with MySQL, Postgres, and Memcached with some of the maatkit tools.

Ah yep, thanks for that; just Googled it in a hurry and pasted in the first link that came up. Can't agree enough on the Maatkit tools, and I'm also in the process of moving a production database from MySQL to Percona after hearing such good things about it. Xtrabackup for consistent backups of innodb/xtradb live systems + incremental (delta) backups are also very useful.

Depending on the version of MySQL that you're upgrading from and if you're upgrading in place vs starting fresh on a new system you won't be able to use Xtrabackup to handle the mysql.proc table due to backwards incompatibilities. I had an awful go of this upgrading from MySQL 5.0.51 to Percona 5.1.56 and wound up having to massage the stored procs and functions in one by one. Once we were migrated over though the xtrabackup tool is great for incremental backups.

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