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They have an icon designed by Susan Kare. Nice touch!

Hype looks cool, I'll certainly buy a copy -- if only to see if there are some ideas I could crib...

I'm somewhat disappointed in myself because I had a bit of a head start in this market with my Radi app 5 months ago [1], but I've failed to come up with a credible path towards shipping it.

I've made six releases since the first beta with nice new features and solid improvements (IMHO), but finishing an app of this type is really difficult. Just writing the documentation will take weeks. Then coming up with some interesting tutorials and demo material may be the most difficult part because it requires inspiration and talent -- and also marketing empathy to understand what the potential customer wants to see (rather than what I think are interesting features from a technical perspective).

Congratulations to Tumult. Apparently they're only two people and they've done a great job. Compared to my lonely one-person team, that one additional person can make all the difference between shipping and getting stuck :)

[1] http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2040844

Thanks for the well wishes, pavlov! As is often said, shipping a 1.0 will kill you. [1] Being a two person team makes a colossal difference, both for productivity and motivation. At the very least, there's almost always one person who's pushing to stop adding features and finally ship. ;-)

I'm excited to see where you take Radi. We don't touch canvas or do anything vector at all right now, and what you've been able to accomplish by yourself is fantastic.

[1] http://www.randsinrepose.com/archives/2006/04/20/10.html

At $30 I'd buy it just for an afternoon of fun. But I'm a Windows user -- any plans for a Windows version?

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