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Can someone compare this to Sencha's product?


Sencha's Animator is an interesting product! Some key differences between Animator and Hype:

- Animator offers more fine-grained control over animation curves, beyond hard coded curves like "Ease-in, Ease-out"

- Animator is entirely focused on CSS3 animations, there's very little opportunity for making interactive content beyond "click to advance to the next scene"

- Hype supports CSS3 animations as well as "heartbeat" Javascript animations, so content can be viewed on a much larger set of browsers

- Hype's Javascript support allows for custom functions to be run in response to user actions

- Hype documents provide a Javascript API for triggering animations and changing scenes which, when combined with custom JS functions, makes it easy to seamlessly integrate a Hype document into an existing page

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I haven't spent much time with hype, but they have some nice features like the record my action (neat). They also hide a lot of the details of what's going on under the covers with their JavaScript library.

With Animator, we've tried to minimize the distance between what you do in the tool and what you'd do with hand-built animations. This means that the outputted source is relatively easy to tweak as you see fit. Animations can also be fitted relatively easily into your existing page source by specifying classes etc.

When you nest an animation, for example, you're nesting a DIV under the covers. You can manually set z-indices, so the animation doesn't blow up the rest of your page. You can manually enter rgba colors into the color pickers etc.

The #1 target for Animator is mobile animations on iPhone/iPad/Android, so we only do CSS Animations, which are hardware accelerated on iOS and should be soon on Android. We could do a JavaScript polyfill like Hype, but JavaScript animations are frankly terrible on mobile because JavaScript timers are really crappy. (That said, we'll probably do a JavaScript polyfill at some stage if people really want them.)

Some other things about Animator - nested animations. Nesting is a really key tool to have - you can do some brilliant animations without a lot of work with nesting.

That said, it's great to have another entrant in the HTML5 animation category. Welcome to the party Tumultco!

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