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Thanks for this! I was hoping pg would fix his own site, but since he won't i guess the community will have to.

You can't "fix" it. It's deliberate.

Broken is broken, deliberate or not.

Honestly, I think you're being less than objective. If PG wants comment scores off and comment scores are off then I'd say its correct...

Calling it broken is like calling piracy "theft". It's flamebait and it obscures the issue.

It was deliberate, but it's still horribly, horribly broken.

If you define broken as "I don't like it".

The person you're trying to persuade is PG. His metric for "broken" is the quality of HN. Make an argument don't just say things.

If the quality of HN is a metric, HN is horribly, horribly broken. The quality has been steadily declining until a few months ago when it bottomed out somewhere around the quality of r/atheism.

Take the top voted item from any time maybe 6-8 months ago, and another from 1 month ago to today, and compare the quality. HN used to be full of good stuff, now it's "How i made 200M in 15 minutes by writing Github for Mint in the Cloud (YC S12)" and "How Ruby is better than Python because i wear a fedora and skinny jeans". I'm just here for the 1 or 2 good submissions per day, and hoping it will get better.

Sir His Grand Amazing Great Majestic Greatitude of Fancy Amazingness doesn't seem to want to fix anything, though.

That just isn't fair at all. He clearly wants to fix things. That's why he's experimenting.

How does hiding scores reduce the quality of content on HN? I'm still not seeing any relationship between the issue and what you're complaining about...

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