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BankSimple sound interesting but they will have to be offering something really awesome for me to even remotely consider doing business with a commercial bank ever again. (There days, I only deal with credit unions.)

They themselves aren't a bank. They partner up with banks that provide FDIC insured products. They just provide the customer service and the user interface.

This may sound like a perfect match, but honestly most banks can't be trusted: http://www.amazon.com/Best-Way-Rob-Bank-Own/dp/0292706383

BankSimple, not being terribly large, can't force the incumbents to play their game (like say, Apple could with AT&T to some degree - and they got lucky getting in with Cingular).

It will be interesting to see how this fares when the "financial service" supplier(s) starts yanking the chain.

What exactly would the chain-yanking look like? "Make your online banking suck!" "Charge random fees in an opaque manner!" "Make your customer service worse!" ?

And if they do have their chains yanked, they can switch their provider. It's not like banks have "coverage" to lock you in, like mobile networks.

agreed, someone needs to start a 'creditunionsimple' (and figure out a better name).

How about SimpleCU

You are in a very small minority (credit union customers).

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