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If any industry was waiting for a startup to come along and revolutionize it, it's the banking industry.

The industry isn't just "waiting" they are actively suppressing the revolution.

They know that once you get an upstart with lots of momentum, it could derail the racket they have going on right now.

Good luck to BankSimple... it'll be interesting to see how this turns out. For me, USAA is quite adequate for the time being.

> The industry isn't just "waiting" they are actively suppressing the revolution.

With some help of legislators ;)

That's already happened you didn't notice (yet), it's called bitcoin.

You might make a case for "happening" with bitcoin, but the banking industry is far from "revolutionized" in the past-tense.

Besides which, currency and customer support are two very different pieces of a much larger pie. At best, currency is the "implementation detail" behind a much larger set of day-to-day usability concerns inherent in banking.

Well given that just with the bitcoin client alone many banking services are either no longer needed or already provided by the bitcoin network.

Savings, transfers(much faster than any bank transfer, I mean my bitcoin reaches it's destination before I can finish filling in the bank transfer forms), security. All there.

I don't need customer support when there's no problems. I've never had something so easy to use to buy on the internet before.

I'm not discrediting it's future potential, but the number of things which you can buy with bitcoin right now is extremely limited

You might want to add something to indicate that you were being sarcastic.

I'm totally serious. Really. Bitcoin; I love the stuff, I'm using it to build an empire all the way from over here in China. And it was because of the difficulty of getting a bank account in the U.S. to do business there (while not being a resident) and in general dealing with banks that pushed me to bitcoin. I've never had something so convienient regarding internet transfers or payments.


Good to see the older users raising the level of discourse here.

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