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I don't really see the issue here, isn't all of that stated in the privacy policy of the extension ?


Ant.com collects non-personally-identifying information when you are visiting our site or using our software applications, this infomation made available typically from web browsers and servers. Some of the infomation type is: the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the web page from wich you came, the date and the time for each page you view, settings such as browser languages, etc.

Ant.com also collects infomation made public to us that can be considered personally identifyable, such as your internet protocol (IP) address. Ant.com does not use such information to identify its visitors and does not disclose such information.

"The web page from wich you came" is just the HTTP "Referer" field; almost every web site in existence collects that as a matter of course. To claim that it covers universal monitoring of all users' web traffic is obscene.

I'm also fairly sure that one can find personally "identifyable" information from URLs that go far beyond mere IP addresses.

Why is ant.com domain info privacy protected anyhow? Seems pretty fishy to me.

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