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Create Mobile App Mockups easily (mokk.me)
63 points by kanny96 on May 20, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 21 comments

Perhaps you can you add a qr code beside the "Test it on your phone (read-only):" link so users can view the test site on their phones without typing it in? Nice work!

Also very helpful: make that link actually work. Visiting the link redirected to a blank editor on an iPhone.

This is an intermittent bug I did not find yet. But working on it.

There you go: A QR code :-)

Nice, I will do that.

Extremely useful for working through design concepts and getting feedback. Thank you.

How this differs from Balsamiq? http://balsamiq.com/

[UPDATE] Got it! It would be great if it could import the Balsamiq XML

Hi you all. Thanks for all the feedback, bug reports, and notes. The tool is currently under development, incomplete and buggy, I know that. It's rather a sneak preview than intact, but I am working on it and will remove the Beta tag when it's done. The QR code is a brilliant idea, I will pick up on that.

It's amazing what you can do with a CouchApp. Great job!

Cool :) nice work!

By the way, on safari 5.0.5 inserting the map widget into the iphone leads to a blank page, while the browser widget is unremovable when inserted.

Thanks for the note, currently, only Chrome is supported, by only due to lack of time. Working on it.

Why does everything automatically float to the top? It doesn't seem very usable if I can't place things where I want them.

Seems like a nice start though.

The top-float layout is a constraint I added on purpose to stress the anatomy of HTML at the stage of interface design.

You can drag stuff with the handles.

I have a problem deleting some elements from the IPhone after I have dragged it into place for example the password box

I am on Firefox 3.6

Very useful.

Some suggestions:

1. Can we have a password protected mockup? 2. Should you consider giving a <title> to your site's HTML?

1. Consider the URL as password protection. Edit and view URLs are different, keep them secret as if it was the password. 2. Yes, makes sense.

Love it! This could be a really amazing tool.

love it - great job!

That is sweet!

It would be great if I could upload a lib of my own images as well! that become elements I can drag into the mock.

Yes. This is a first peek, still work in progress.

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