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A quick fgrep found the code making the requests to their servers: http://pastie.org/1932287

Edit: Further code browsing points to the "rank" feature. They rank all URLs that are http/https and the host isn't "localhost". I'm guessing, but if you turn of ranking in the preferences, it will stop logging your page views.

Why not try and track down Dima Sidorchenko (the guy in the header of the source)?

Google thinks the name is Dima Sidorenko and offers up this guy who is a programmer: http://twitter.com/#!/shadow1278

Unless it is Sidorchenko and Dima is a nickname in which case "Dmitriy Sidorchenko" might get better results.

Dima is a standard Russian-language short form for Dmitriy. Like Pete for Peter in English.

The name Sidorchenko sounds Ukrainian.

The files I've looked at have been authored by many different people. (Seed, Zak, RigoNet, Camille, Dmitriy, Dima Sidorchenko, etc.) I don't think Dima is solely responsible for this. The company that had this written should be responsible.

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