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The lesson here: don't install shady addons, just as you aren't installing every damn toolbar out there.

Also, this is enough to sue, isn't it?

Rather depressingly, this wasn't so much a shady add-on, as one that was meant to have been vetted by Mozilla.

From the Mozilla Add-Ons FAQ @ https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/faq

Are add-ons safe to install? Unless clearly marked otherwise, add-ons available from this gallery have been checked and approved by Mozilla's team of editors and are safe to install. We recommend that you only install approved add-ons. If you wish to install unapproved add-ons or add-ons from third-party websites, use caution as these add-ons may harm your computer or violate your privacy. Learn more about our approval process

"Unless clearly marked otherwise"

This add-on was marked otherwise. (Well, according to the claims above.)

You can definitely argue that having unvetted add-ons on the site at all is bad, but your particular point isn't relevant.

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