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  abcde            - CD to mp3 ripper
  apg              - random password generator
  base64           - better than uuencode
  boxes            - draw any kind of boxes around your text
  bsdiff           - binary differ
  bspatch          - binary patcher
  bvi              - binary vi (yet another hex editor)
  ccx2             - console xmms2 client
  clive            - flash video downloader
  dvipdfmx         - dvi to pdf converter
  enfuse           - poor man's HDR
  get_flash_videos - yet another flash video downloader
  glark            - advanced grep
  indent           - code beautifier
  lshw             - list hardware configuration
  mcurl            - multiple part downloader using curl
  mktemp           - safely create temporary files and directories
  msort            - sort records in complex ways
  netbrake         - bandwidth limiter
  od               - octal dump
  par              - paragraph reformatter
  par2             - archive verification and repair tool
  ped              - sed done right with perl
  pinfo            - color info reader
  pipe.vim         - make vim part of a unix pipe and allow it to
                     edit the pipe contents
  pv               - Pipe Viewer: a tool for monitoring
                     the progress of data through a pipe
  pydf             - pretty df (disk space viewer)
  qmv              - use your favorite editor to rename files
                     (part of renameutils)
  qodem            - modem program that can do serial, telnet, ssh,
                     zmodem, kermit, etc
  rdiff-backup     - like rsync, but can do incremental backups
  recode           - like dos2unix and unix2dos, but with many more encodings
  recordmydesktop  - make screencast videos
  remark           - great logfile colorizer (part of regex-markup)
  rkhunter         - find rootkit infections
  rlwrap           - add readline editing support to any command
  safecopy         - data recovery tool (better than dd)
  sponge           - soak up stdin and write to a file
                     (for things like pipeline editing)
  sux              - su while transferring X credentials
  unbuffer         - force flushing of stdout
  upx              - executable compressor
  utimer           - countdown timer and stopwatch
  vared            - edit shell variables (part of zsh)
  watch            - run a command multiple times and display the output
                     (with differences highlighted)
  xdotool          - simulate keyboard and mouse activity
  xxd              - hex dump
  zargs            - a version of xargs that makes the find command redundant
                     (part of zsh)
  zed              - very small and fast vi-like editor (part of zsh)
  zrun             - automatically uncompress arguments to command

This sounds kind of silly to say, but when I spent 5 minutes getting abcde set up (to rip, encode, and tag into Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and FLAC at the same time), and then had it finish encoding everything just 30 seconds or so after it finished ripping, I felt like I was in the future.

I mean, I remember even 5 years ago ripping a CD took actual effort and a long time to get all the encoding done. So yay for abcde.

This is a very nice list. I didn't know most of these tools before, and they look very useful; I'm going to try and learn some of them. I found the link in the topic a bit disappointing. It mostly contained tools for system diagnostics rather than work flow optimisation.

Great post, I didn't know about a lot of these - I wrote my own version of qmv, now I don't have to use it :)

recode is seriously useful if you need to take the output of a PowerShell script and process it on your Unix box.

trafshow - ncurses based utility showing detailed network traffic

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