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Make School (YC W12) is hiring a remote video editor to make edu content
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Hey, I'm Ashu, the founder of Make School. We're a YC-backed startup university based in San Francisco.

I'm currently leading an R&D initiative to bring more of our content to an online friendly format as we gear up to launch an online Bachelor's degree in Applied Computer Science. We're aiming to hit a content quality on par with Vox / Masterclass.

Our eventual goal is to properly unbundle a university degree into a more modular and modern education format that aligns with how students and professionals learn today. Instead of traditional classrooms, students will go through self-paced high quality videos paired with active learning exercises and projects and significant 1:1 and small group instructor support.

I've just built out a video studio at our SF campus to enable rapid development of high quality educational content using BMPCC 4k cameras and an ATEM Mini switcher w/ iPad and laptop inputs. You can check out some of our early videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmcA6BlSqw0&list=PLZ_SI6zSFX...

I'm looking to work with a strong video editor to take the content to the next level with cutscenes, animations, and more. We'll be working in DaVinci Resolve to stay in the blackmagic ecosystem. Our R&D team will be full remote, so you can be anywhere in the world.

If you're interested, shoot me an email (ashu@makeschool.com) with: - Your portfolio - Your usual contracting rate

Cheers, Ashu

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