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tplusn.io | Founding Engineer (Technical Co-founder) | London, UK | Onsite | Part-time

We are building the world’s best data forecasting platform. It will need to deliver meaningful results to a broad range of customer segments, starting with leading data driven technology startups to cutting edge investment companies and many data orientated consultancies in between.

We’ve secured a number of initial test users with the first iteration of the platform and now require an expert engineer to help deliver new features. Over time the role will encompass further duties, transitioning to a CTO position. It is paramount that you already have prior startup founding / early stage experience and you are able to fit it in around your current day job.

Full job spec: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/2349047873/

If you are interested in our mission (irrespective of the role) email us: info [at] tplusn.io

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