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The top starred repo (according to query: https://gh.clickhouse.tech/explorer/#counting-stars) by stars is:


Which is a 'protest' against 996 work schedule.

That's notable because I wouldn't have thought of GitHub as being a conduit for Chinese labour concerns before 2020.

Secondarily: TS has shot up the ranks, arguably a flavour of JS (already #1), together making them overwhelmingly the top dog.

Python now #2.

It would be interesting to see the types of information repo'd there by language, if anyone has resources on that please feel free to share.

We roughly know what people are doing in JS and C++ ... but in Python? What exactly is happening? We can only speculate. Is it Django? Devop scripts? Data? Education? AI?

996.icu was actually started in March 2019. (Earliest HN submission: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=19498179 )

Python has seen enormous growth in data analysis and machine learning, thanks in part to the success of Jupyter notebooks.

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