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Consensys | Senior Ethereum Developer/Researcher | Remote | Full-time preferred

Magmo is a 100% remote team at Consensys Mesh, focusing on Ethereum state channels research and implementation. State channels (https://statechannels.org/) are a L2 blockchain scaling tool that enables peers to execute many blockchain transactions involving a fixed set of peers, at a fixed cost -- after some initial setup, transactions only involve network messaging. We previously released Web3torrent as a proof of concept (previous discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23602008) and are currently collaborating with The Graph to implement state channels on a large scale on mainnet (https://thegraph.com/blog/the-graph-brings-state-channels-to...).

We're currently hiring a full stack developer, though we will happily consider any candidate with an appropriate background and a keen interest in our project. Our stack includes Typescript, PostgreSQL, Solidity, Rust, and React. We've also used TLA+ for some formal verification (https://blog.statechannels.org/breaking-state-channels/), and aim to use more tools to verify our protocols and implementations.

Full time employment is preferred, though many of our team work part-time, and we are open to flexible working arrangements.

See our job posting at https://consensys.net/open-roles/2510553/, or email me directly (andrew DOT stewart [at] mesh DOT xyz) if you have any questions.

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