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Slim.AI | REMOTE or Seattle | Full-time | Developer Experience Lead | https://github.com/slim-ai/engineering

Do you enjoy working with lots of different applications stacks? Do you like helping others? Do you want to build lots of different applications? Are you interested in contributing to open source?

We are a funded seed stage startup in the developer tooling and DevOps space empowering developers to build and run their cloud-native applications. The current product is focusing on containers and the friction around them.

We are building a brand new engineering team. We are developer friendly, low on process with no mind-numbing bureaucracy or micromanagement. We are looking for people who'll be excited to be a part of the engineering team in an early stage startup during its inception phase building modern cloud-native applications the right way.

You can find out more about the mission, how we work and the roles here: https://github.com/slim-ai/engineering

Email me at cto@slim.ai if you'd like to learn more.

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