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COFENSE – UNITING HUMANITY IN THE FIGHT AGAINT PHISHING | Full-time | U.S. REMOTE | Multiple Cybersecurity positions across the organization | UNITED STATES | https://www.cofense.com Must have authorization to work in the United States Note: Please include Hackernews as Source when you apply

1. Software Engineer III (Senior UI Front-End) - Must have experience with Vue.js and TypeScript - https://bit.ly/37pXxHV

2. Application Security Engineer III – Must have Strong Java development experience - https://bit.ly/3jU1atM

To learn more about open positions, go to https://cofense.com/company/careers/

Cofense empowers people to recognize phishing attacks by providing end-to-end phishing defense solutions with human intelligence to protect organizations valuable data. Cofense is looking for passionate problem solvers to join us in our mission to unite humanity against phishing

Company Culture - https://www.themuse.com/profiles/cofense

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