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https://lockstep.ai | REMOTE | Full-time/part-time | full stack web dev + data science/engineering + sales/marketing

When P&G ships to Walmart, P&G doesn't get paid for ~6 months -- Lockstep bridges that gap so that companies can invest in the things that help them grow their business. Even more interesting is the fact that we tie a monetary incentive to sustainable supply chain practices (i.e. the greener the shipment, the better your interest rate)

Read: we're saving the planet by making the global supply chain a more more sustainable thing through $$$.

Our web stack is Ruby on Rails + vue/quasar - data stack is python/pytorch. We get a shitload of data tracking every boat in the water (among other datasets).

We're looking for support taking our product to the next level on all fronts (engineering, data, sales, marketing, operations, etc)

Reach out to hello+hn@lockstep.ai if you want to help save the planet with us.

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