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"At the end of the day, Unix just has bad usability"

I have to say I highly disagree with this statement but, I also disagree that there is anything wrong with the classic terminal. I find a full screen terminal with nothing but text as a thing of beauty. They remove all but the most essential details and work on a very simple common format (text).

In a way this kinda makes me think of Windows Power Shell, which is trying to replace the classic shell with a more object oriented shell, it has a lot of good ideas but in ways it brings more complexity to the issue than most Unix users are looking for. Seems like this project could probably take some ideas from Power Shell though.

I certainly have nothing against this guys work but it is not really a classic unix shell replacement and should probably not strive to be such a thing.

Text is a simple format, but text with intrinsic formatting is most definitely not a simple format.

yeah thats true, thats why I get why Power Shell took an approach of passing object around as apposed to just text. I think I was thinking more from a visual standpoint when I said that text is simple.

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