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And how do we write "cat" to deal sensibly with currently unknown data types, that will be defined in the future?

Progressive enhancement. You get magic for the obvious things and standard behavior for the non-obvious. I still want the power and flexibility of my vanilla terminal, but I want it to do more when it can.

I want to open up a remote terminal to another server, on the other side of the planet, and do a "cat foo.png" so that I can see it. Better yet, I want to do an "ls -la" and have it show me the standard output, plus all the thumbnails of the images in the folder. I want to do a ton of other stuff too. At the same time, if load up some esoteric weird 30-year-old thing I found on the internet that I just compiled ... well, I expect that to work too. That's a must.

Of course, wanting and having are two different things.

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