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Regarding your quote problem: the idea is that the highlighted token signifies "quoted string". I plan to add regexp tokens, user@host tokens, etc. each with appropriate autocomplete.

I thought the current minimalistic approach was ok, but it might be worth to add subtle quotes around the edges to reinforce the idea. That's why it's made out of HTML/CSS...

The token idea is genius. This could be applied to programming languages as well. Why settle with crazy delimiters like ',"; /xxx/ and manual escaping with \n \x \\\\\\ (making a \ in a regexp in a string :P). A subtle visual hint could be enough to distinguish different kinds of textual "object".

Sure, not everyone will like this, but for people that are visually oriented like me it will make things a lot of fun.

"quoted string" or 'quoted string'? Big difference. :)

The difference is in whether escaping is necessary. What happens when you no longer need to escape things? It no longer matters which quotes you use.

That sounds great, although I would like to have a nice fall-back for those odd programs that the terminal doesn't know the appropriate token for.

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