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That's all fine. There's probably a ton of other things it can't do. I certainly can't use it for my work and I spend a ton of time behind a terminal. At the same time, don't you see the potential?

It probably won't be "production ready" for years, but I would hate to think that 20 years from now we're still typing into a dinky terminal that has been around since the 70s! We won't get the next-best-thing down the road unless we start working on it now. TermKit is the first step.

It's a first step. Maybe it's not in the right direction, maybe it is, but it looks well-polished, and like good work. My instinctive reaction was not a positive one, but the more I read, the more I liked it, and you have to applaud a good effort like this in any event. People have to get out there and try for things to improve.

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