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Show HN: Chatbox adds missing file comment & collaboration feature to Dropbox (chatboxapp.com)
52 points by edwincheese on May 18, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Hi, I am a developer of Chatbox. It is a weekend project our team created to demo an idea we found interesting - Dropbox as a platform. Please let us know your feedback :)

Did you use the dropbox api?

Chatbox stores data in Dropbox folder in user's local drive and watch for new files in that folder for incoming messages. It didn't access to user's Dropbox account nor send data to other service

Awesome idea, guys! Way to show off HK talent.

Whats the use case for this over some type of revision control? Wouldn't revision control let you track changes and have comments with those changes?

This feels like doing collaborative work from shared windows folders a la 1990. What am I missing?

Very nice idea. It's the sort of thing I'd use if it were cross platform. But for people just on OSX (and there's nothing wrong with targeting just that market for the moment) it looks great!

This is a good idea. How far is the Windows client, in the works?

Will you charge?

Thanks. We will add the most requested feature first. So you may want to vote on a Windows client on our GetSatisfaction page to help us prioritize new features http://getsatisfaction.com/chatbox

Chatbox is a tiny app we made as a proof of concept (and for fun). We didn't have any plan to charge yet.

I love this idea.

this reiterates the need for online collaboration innovation -- down with Google docs

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