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Show HN: JavaScript implementation of Spotify client (Chrome only) (spotifyontheweb.com)
68 points by EmielMols on May 17, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 37 comments

Why would anyone post their credentials to a site like this? It doesn't matter what the disclaimer says, I've got my credit card connected to my account. Also, the domain name (spotifyontheweb.com) is registered trough privacyprotect.org.

this half worked for me on the first attempt, not on the second, I pray to god that spotify pay you lots of money and you go make this official because it would be an awesome addition to spotify

What tech does this use that makes it Chrome only?

Lack of ogg support would rule out Safari. Not sure what Opera and Firefox are missing.

I have Spotify Premium and this works for me. Well done! Also just wrote feedback to Spotify to hire the maker and expand the web-client.

Pauses on 'Connecting...'. Chrome 11, OS X 10.6. Spotify premium account. Console log is:

main: stack state changed => keygen

all.js:122session: generating keys

all.js:123session: generated keys

all.js:157main: stack state changed => connecting

all.js:111protocol: connecting to

Hmm, that's weird. Second attempt also fails? For me it's still working.

For the record, this also happens to me.

Can somebody post screenshots etc, for the poor souls that don't have the capacity to try this out?

edit: via @emiel (author's twitter) http://t.co/qE0s5hm

Very cool, though if I was you, I'd put the "please don't use it for listening" somewhere more prominent and save yourself a lot of money ;)

Streaming is very fast. What are you planning to do next?

I'm getting "Internal error message: Socket io error: Error #2031", which I'm guessing is a result of high traffic?

Edit: nevermind, stopped now. Might have been because I had the real client open?

Though I do keep getting

"The Spotify Updater is trying to install the update, but didn't succeed

The error message is: The system cannot find the file specified. (2)"

From the actual application? In what way does the app interact to cause this?

Sorry, I had some issues with the traffic.. but that's now fixed. Spotify is updating right now, so that might explain the error.

> US visitor, no Chrome or no Premium? Screenshot

Thanks, because Canada, Asia, Africa, South America, Antarctica and Australia do not have internet access ;)

Since I live in the US, how about some screenshots?

Thanks for your interest. Trying to sustain the traffic now, but I'll upload some screenshots ASAP. Concerning look&feel it's close to the original client.

which he has probably never seen because he lives in the US :)

Great work though, it would be awesome to have a browser based spotify client!

Unless he used a proxy...(picky, sorry, couldn't help it)

I just signed up to Spotify premium to try this, excellent work! It would be nice to see Spotify launch an official web based client.

Thanks for the kind words!

It's a shame this doesn't work for unlimited accounts. You'd have thought they wouldn't mind that, since unlimited has no ads either.

It kind of makes sense since the main difference between premium and unlimited accounts is that unlimited cannot play on mobile.

If their API was open for unlimited accounts, anyone could make own mobile clients, bypassing the restriction.

Ah, good point! I didn't think about that.

Agreed. I can't do anything about it though :-( This is a Spotify policy decision.

"Internal error message: Socket io error: Error #2031"

I have a premium account

Sorry, there were some traffic issues. Fixed now!

Works wonderfully for me =] will the source be forthcoming?

Works very fine for me here from Norway :) Congrats.. :)

too bad it doesn't work behind a firewall... real nice work though :)

any idea if there's a way to use ports 80 or 443? I guess we need to ask spotify for that right?

If you're looking for work you should let people in without having to provide credentials that they may not have.

(ie. I'm hiring and would like to see this but don't have Spotify credentials)

That's pretty hard to do though: providing valid demo Spotify Premium details would be just the sort of breach of TOS that would cause spotify to come down on the site like a tonne of bricks; and non-real Spotify Premium details would be almost entirely pointless (the underlying library requires valid credentials to do anything).

It's not about the interface. It's about the technology behind it which can only be showcased by actually using it.

how bout having the interface with grooveshark's APIs?

For anyone in the UK, I recommend trying we7 (http://www.we7.com/) which is a similar service to Spotify and which which already has a web client.

Why would they use something that's similar to Spotify when they could use Spotify? The number of times I'm on someone else's computer and go "Oh, I'd really like to listen to some super obscure track not already on my MP3 player/smartphone/Kindle/what-have-you" are virtually nil, and competitors lack the huge selection of music that Spotify has.

It's not really similar at all. This is just another web radio service, whereas on Spotify you can listen whatever you want. Also, the UI is horrendous.

That's not correct. We7 isn't just another web radio service. It absolutely is a service where you can listen to whatever you want, with a fairly decent selection of (major label) tracks. The major advantage over Spotify up until now has been the fact that it has a web interface, although I do take your point that the UI is pretty horrendous.

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