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I star projects that have caught my attention and might be relevant for my work, or that I will need to reference later. I don't see how this relates to a display of gratitude.

Yeah that’s the issue: “star” doesn’t have clearly defined semantics, so everyone uses them in their own way. In addition to bookmarking, I do star for gratitude because having repos with stars is very advantageous for contributors. I really appreciate getting stars on many levels.

Wouldn’t “star” express gratitude?

Saying "thank you" expresses an infinite amount more gratitude than someone taking half a second to click a button. Please don't boil positivity down into just another dopamine fix. It's so fucking fake.

Star too, donate too, whatever you'd like to do normally too but nothing beats actually using your words

If you put it that way, I think GitHub could enable a platform feature to collect finance contributions from fans/users. Heck, even licensing costs. That makes open source programmers earn some money as well - of course along with a text field to say “thanks”.


Github launched Github Sponsors in 2019. It does basically everything you described aside from the "thanks" part.

This feels like corp every meeting I've been in hahah

"No I said don't do th.. ah forget it"

Might thought exactly. I wonder if GitHub would change Star to Thanks.

Unstar however would become “No thanks”

Interest, relevance? Yes. Gratitude, not so much.

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