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Not Apple, Google and Facebook Are Killing the Free Internet (medium.com/big-tech)
23 points by applerite987 9 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 19 comments

Sorry are we just ignoring that Apple gave away keys to its HSMs to the CCP giving them a complete backdoor to their citizens?

Or that time they agreed to CCP demands to ban the Taiwan flag emoji, pressure Telegram to ban multiple rooms, and banned multiple apps used by dissidents to communicate?

Apple markets their obedience and cooperation to be successful in China while marketing themselves as champions of privacy in the USA to differentiate themselves from Google... while being worse than Google in China.

This company makes decisions based on what is profitable in a given market. It is all bait and switch to get you into their walled garden.

Would you rather prefer a garden that tells you its gated or the one that has invisible gates?

Neither. I won't pay money to have my freedoms taken from me, which is the trade with all Apple purchases

I’m curious... what brand of cell phone do you own? Do they not sell in China?

What cell phone?

I am holding out for a Librem 5.

The one made in China? 10m40s https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KiItd6I3VHU

You can pay more to have one made in the US. At least you have a choice.

And ironically this article is published on medium.com, which expects you to sign in with an account to read the story.

A site that doesn’t use ads!

I never had to sign in to read the story.

Facebook’s free basic services and Google’s AMP have done a lot worse than Apple in hijacking the open web.

A hard line against zero rating is an idealist stance that prevents a pragmatic increase of knowledge sharing. https://xkcd.com/548/

Where would Facebook and Goggle be without Apple, the app ecosystem and their pernicious tracking abilities?

Apple made something that Facebook and Google only dreamt of: they put a spying device in people's pockets

Android was only a reaction to their success

Android Inc was founded in 2003 and acquired by Google in 2005. The iPhone was first released in 2007.

You could argue that without the iPhone smartphones as a market might not have taken off in the way they did (I don't have a good enough knowledge of the history to judge) but I don't think it's fair or accurate to say that Android was just a reaction.

That's definitely true, as it's true that the first iOS was a modified version of Mac OS X.

Android in 2003 was created to rival with Symbian and BlackBerry but was struggling to be funded

At Google it became the Linux based OS that we know today, but Google was still marketing it for the mobile devices of the time that were nothing like modern smartphones

The real switch happened when Apple released iPhone + AppStore integration that showed the potential of the smartphone devices bundled with a closed ecosystem of apps

Google and Facebook were already in the market of tracking users habits, but it's smartphones that unlocked their true power and enabled them to subvert the open web to their advantage

Apple has never really been interested in the web, they wanted apps for their smartphones and Google and social networks apps, especially Facebook, were a major selling point that drove their enormous success in the mobile market.

Android Market was certainly a reaction to Apple’s App Store back in the day.

This article title feels mangled.

I think "Google and Facebook, not Apple, are Killing the Free Internet" would be easier to parse.

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