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> Federer's tennis is an unkind learning environment; the rules aren't as clear, the feedback isn't as quick, and the skills are more murky. A lot of tennis is the mind-game aspect and in elite tennis, you don't get the same person very often.

The Inner Game of Tennis [0] for folks interested in learning more about this.

[0] https://www.amazon.com/Inner-Game-Tennis-Classic-Performance...

PS Novak's probably more clutch than Rog.

Novak also has to deal with hostile crowds a lot more, who are in denial that he’s on track to surpass Roger and Rafa. He’s possibly under-appreciated because he doesn’t have the flair of the other two, but rather a robotically consistent, precise, and relatively low risk style.

Anyone who has played some tennis can attest that it's more mental than physical specially when you're playing against opponents of the same level. No magic about that.

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