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How to Read Reddit the Fanatic Programmer Way (catonmat.net)
25 points by newuser on July 23, 2008 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

The problem is that you can't be too reliant on Reddit for programming news. What gets voted up is either REALLY BIG news like the DNS thing, or just cool tips from Joe's Blog. Not that those tips aren't cool, I just feel that a lot of more newsier things don't get voted on in Reddit.

That's the efficient way to browse Reddit in search of programming news.

I like to keep my options open to all of the topics. Why? Because other than most of the [PIC]s it's intellectually stimulating to sometimes take a look at the articles outside of my realm of interest.

Finding stuff to read is the easy part. It's finding the time to read it all properly that I'm struggling with.

Reading it all is not the trick; my reading time is pretty much bounded. The hard part is reading only the most important things, given limited time for reading.

Ever thought of using something like Instapaper? It works wonders.

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