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I think my actual point was actually that Apple has been great for developers not hostile as you claimed. I think that's true by inspection. I think this developer had a terrible business model that was exposed by entirely predictable changes to market conditions and went out of business and is lashing out.

Eh, the fact that Apple has been "great for developers" is largely an accidental consequence of the fact that their platform has a lot of users who are willing to spend money. Apple attracted the users because Apple wanted the users, not because they wanted to help developers out. Without the userbase, iOS would be relatively unattractive (and I don't think Apple would feel like it could pull this kind of move).

A large portion of what Apple does that's specifically targeted at developers these days is negative. The NDA, rules so broken they were never consistently enforced, arbitrary rejections, retroactively rejecting apps when they decide to come out with a competitor, etc.

Also, I dispute the claim that this rule change was "entirely predictable." Can you show me somewhere that you or anybody else predicted this rule change before it came to light?

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