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Sorry for taking this off topic, but this is the perfect example of a comment where it would be very interesting to see how many hners that upvoted this opinion. I was one of them, since I believe it is a preferrable position to take. But it would be very interesting to see on what magnitude it resonates with the community as a whole.

Downvotes accepted as retribution for me going meta on this conversation.

61 points.

I'll admit to having edited it half a dozen times to appropriately capture the nuances. As a Silicon Valley professional (Started at Netscape in 1996), and a huge fan of Apple Products (I'm typing this on an MacBook Air in a Redwood City Coffee Shop, I tracked my workout this morning using GymBuddy on my iPhone4, and I read Practical Programing for strength training last night on my iPad2), yet at the same time not unaware of how much damage a Monopolist can do (I believe that they eventually stifle innovation) I wanted to toe the fine line between being a hater, a realist, and, because we are on YC, effectively communicate the market realities of building on someone else's platform.

I also always keep grellas, patio11, and tptacek in mind when reviewing tone to keep out snark or discourtesy, and maximizing content.

How's that for Meta. :-)

And I've said this before, but I'd love to see votes for [dis]agreement, even if votes for contribution/karma may be better hidden.

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