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I wonder why so many publishers and resellers insist on building only native apps. With the current technology you could invest in a web app that is cross platform. DRM can be cracked and it's just an annoyance to people who want to pay for content.

However, if you insist on developing commercial apps on the IOS platform than you have to realize that sooner or later Apple will want a cut. In business their is no free lunch, people/companies always want something in return.

Google is no different, see: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/05/05/google_skyhook_case_...

A Massachusetts court has denied Google's efforts to dismiss a hot-button lawsuit that accuses the company of unfairly using its Android operating system to strong-arm mobile handset makers into using Google location services rather than those of rival Skyhook.

The suit specifically claims that Andy Rubin, who oversees Google's Android project, told Motorola co-CEO Sanjay Jha that if Motorola didn't drop Skyhook from its phones, Google would remove official Android support from the devices. This would mean the devices could not use proprietary Google apps or the Android name. The suit says that whereas Google paints Android as open source, Google still maintains exclusive oversight of the OS.

This may be even worse if entirely factual, because Google doing the exact opposite of what it claims to be.

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