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There is something _wrong_ with HomeDepot.com. It managed to send my poor laptop into swap hell/thrashing, which wasn't too surprising as that machine is always short on RAM. That it could do the same to a beefy workstation (16 cores, 64GB RAM), though... that was impressive. Whatever is wrong there, it hits memory especially hard.

I got a beefy one so I got curious to see this. And here is the response I got:

Access Denied You don't have permission to access "http://www.homedepot.com/" on this server.

Reference #18.669a1702.1607500613.3482d63b

I lol'ed.

Same here, EU, think they block based on geo data?

They probably do. Since, I left the US on vacation, I've noticed a lot of US-only retail sites are blocked outside of the states.

For example Safeway, a popular grocery chain, is blocked.

Sometimes the block comes with a scary warning saying that the site has detected a hacking attempt, and stopped your IP at the firewall.

Interestingly, loading homedepot.com from Singapore gives me the full site and automatically sets my ordering location to their store in Guam...

I made a web proxy about 10 years ago - you can stick it on a raspberry pi or some cloud server and then use it to browse from that machine's IP. It doesn't work for everything (e.g. OAuth) but it's fast and convenient for a lot of things.

Core library: https://github.com/nfriedly/node-unblocker Example web app: https://github.com/nfriedly/nodeunblocker.com

I don't keep a copy of it online anymore because the ones I put up got a little too popular, but if you don't tell anyone else, you should be able to use it indefinitely.

Local news sites are the worst for it. It's understandable, but it sometimes makes reading HN a pain

It works for me from Belgium, but not from France.


Are you connected to a VPN I get the same issue with Fred Meyer from a vpn.

I think that's the "easy" way to manage GDPR that lots of non-EU (particularly from the USA) site are using:

- EU IP? Blocked.

It's beyond silly.

It's not: they don't operate in the EU, they don't want to give up their tracking, and they don't want to conform to EU privacy measures. That's perfectly fine, and simply denying EU visitors is the easiest and cheapest solution.

But then, it should respond with a 451 error rather than a generic 403 :)

So "big brother" that want to track everything use a reference to 1984 to criticize a law that protect against it ? Perfect double speak in action (sadly).

The 451 code (which, by the way, is a reference to Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, not Orwell's 1984) just says that a resource is "unavailable for legal reasons". These "legal reasons" may be user-hostile (e.g., censorship) or user-friendly (e.g., GDPR).

Having said that, it's just good form to specify why exactly a request was denied rather than spitting out an "access denied" response and call it a day. Be liberal in what you receive, conservative in what you send, yada yada.

Indeed, for some reasons the two books are very near in my memory and each time I think to one of them memories of the other comes.

Not doing anything special is easier and cheaper though. As long as they don't target EU customers, GDPR doesn't apply to them.

So more explicitly, since they don't operate in the EU, don't seem to be owned by a multi-national that does, they wouldn't have to worry about GDPR, someone else is worried? And that's likely whatever ad slinging network or tracking they use?

Eh, it's better than the alternative of a giant annoying useless popup.

The page loaded fairly fast in my case, but my laptop sounds like it's about to take off. An excellent example on how a web site should _not_ be built. :D

I loaded it and was surprised to find it loaded instantly, and worked and looked fine. Then I realised uMatrix was blocking JS. Explains a lot.

I have 8GB RAM and it loaded fast for me. Shrug.

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