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I have read both of them and I strongly prefer Griffiths to Corson. Lorraine and Corson are extremely rigorous but IMO their explanation of EM is upside down :-) They first explain special relativity and derive the EM equations using it. But historically, we had the EM equations first which forced Einstein to abandon Galilean transformations and discover special relativity.

But Lorraine and Corson just start out with special relativity, without really providing any impetus for why it is necessary, which can be found in the very first paragraph of Einstein's paper on relativity. Historically, physics has been a mystery that keeps unraveling with time. However LnC destroy the mystery by telling us who the murderer was in the opening chapter :-) We don't really appreciate how relativity was discovered. I think teaching the mystery is a very important and easily overlooked part of Physics education which Griffiths seems to appreciate but LnC don't.

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