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Apple needs to realize that their greed may kill their platform. Nobody would buy an iOS device with no killer apps - especially when android is getting better every day. As an iOS developer, I fully expect the platform to go the way of the dinosaurs.

What previous similar missteps has Apple made that support your theory? Apple's been batting well over .500 and their sales and stock price both indicate appreciation and support.

Yeah, they're doing great, but you can't backup your theory with two measures that are heavily dependent on past results. If you think Apple are going to keep doing as well as they are now in the face of some pretty ferocious competition then you can't just cite current sales and stock price.

This is just common sense- most customers wouldn't buy an iBrick (iphone w/o killer apps), and even apple knows it- that's why they focus on killer apps in their ads. Google is smart enough to know that you shouldn't tax your business partners out of business, even for short-term gains. Sure, apple is going to own the ereader market on the iOS platform, but they've introduced so much risk into being an iOS developer that it's very, very silly to build a business on top of them.

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