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Springdale Linux is on RHEL 8.3 but their homepage is awfully out of date.

Here's the full ISO for 8.1: http://puias.princeton.edu/data/puias/8.1/x86_64/iso/

And then you can add the repos to update to 8.3: http://puias.princeton.edu/data/puias/8.3/

Or you can take the small ("boot") ISO and install 8.3 directy: http://puias.princeton.edu/data/puias/8.3/x86_64/os/images/

In fact, they are even building Springdale Linux 8 for i386, which RHEL and CentOS never did.

If you need more than three years on openSUSE Leap, then you need to upgrade to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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