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You may want to consider a new icon for the iOS app (also, please make sure you have an @2x variant of it, too).

edit: i've had a couple minutes to try using it.

You may want to consider overhauling the application's user experience. It doesn't look or 'feel' like a proper iOS app, and I'm guessing that's why the Android version is outselling the iOS one.

* the icons really need @2x variants.

* The user workflow is brittle, especially given how few view controllers there are, here. I shouldn't be able to choose to look at the 'Web' or 'Social' tabs until I've selected a domain.

* The domain entry experience feels cumbersome. Why is it capitalizing my domain name?

* Why do I delete a domain from the 'Web' and 'Social' tabs, and why isn't there an alert prompt?

Add Domain:

* The navigation bar tint color shouldn't change.

* This should be a modal view controller.

* The text shadow behind the label looks weird.

* The label's text should be something more like: "Domain name:", especially since you already give an example in the text field with its placeholder.

* You should call -becomeFirstResponder on the text field when this view controller appears.

Anyway, I know you didn't ask for any of this, but hopefully it proves helpful in driving up your sales.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions and critical feedback. This was the first release that I wanted to get on the app store/market as quickly as possible, so it has not been perfected yet.

I am aware it doesn't have the best design/UI right now, but that will soon be corrected in the next release - at least most of your suggestions anyways.

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