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The link's plenty interesting, but next time please try to avoid editorializing in the title. A "vig" is the cut taken by a loan shark or bookie and has strong connotations of crime and dishonesty (at least in the US). Apple's not breaking any laws here (right?) so calling it a "vig" is pretty far off base.

I think it actually conveys the tone of the article well, but yea, it does kind of border on libelous. I don't think the article goes as far as calling it a vig, but it is clear the iFlow team is understandably angry.

"Vig" was famously used by Nathan Myhrvold in an internal memo to Bill Gates in which he proposed a structure whereby Microsoft could obtain a portion of content transactions that occur on the Internet. He used the term "vig" and it's appropriate here. http://mikecanex.wordpress.com/2011/02/01/the-day-apple-beca...

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