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That is the longest assassination piece I've ever seen. The gist of it is probably true -- that the Ladders copies postings from other sites and does not verify whether all its jobs pay >$100K, despite advertising to the contrary. But that whole point could've been made, verbosely, in two paragraphs. This post is literally 8,000 words.

Agreed. Once it started getting redundant, I glanced over and realized my scroll bar handle was quite small and still at the top...

I've still got my fingers crossed that one of this summer's YC startups is a tl;dr generator:)

I do see the irony in mentioning that on a post I submitted, but it could use the love of an editor.

If you turn it on in the OS X services preferences you can do Safari-->Services-->Summary

Here's what I got:

This seems to be the heart of TheLadders’ method of doing business: TheLadders itself is the source of inappropriate job applicants that waste a company’s time and money. Without consent of the employer, TheLadders takes its job descriptions, tags them with inaccurate salary ranges, and induces its subscribers to apply for those jobs.

Not bad.

That's pretty good.

... I think I'll start running it on my email drafts before sending them out.

You could validate the idea first by copying posts into word and using the "AutoSummary" feature and then pasting back the result.

I have the impression that the author got somewhat frustrated by the lack of impact his previous ten-or-so pieces made. So he's now trying long-form.

Does stuffing so much content in there give it any additional SEO value? I'm not well versed in SEO, but that's about the only thing I could think of.

Not really, but people like to think it does. Also the Panda update led many to believe they need a 2000 word article minimum. Which is just plain wrong.

What is Panda update?

The recent update that Google made to their ranking policy that was supposed to dis-incentivize link farms, auto-generated and content-free sites and search engine spammers.

You know, they copy job listings from other places. And they don't ask for permission!

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