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CSS builder for shadows, backgrounds, and borders (layerstyles.org)
180 points by daleharvey on May 11, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 35 comments

As someone who makes a living selling layer styles[1], I have to say this is very cool, but also slightly worrying ;) I've been trying to figure out how long the market for Photoshop addons will last, as CSS and other technologies advance to the point where everything can be done in the browser. Clearly, we're getting closer.

[1] http://photoshoplayerstyles.com/

Making a living via Photoshop layers? can you elaborate a little? are we talking supplemental income or a significant/all of your income doing this?

Amazing never the less!

You might be interested in this article I wrote:


At the moment, it's paying most of my bills while I work on something much bigger ;)

I always love reading things like this. It's always good to keep in mind that it doesn't take an earth-shattering idea to make a living.

You'd be surprised. I know photographers that make a decent living selling PS actions, templates and Lightroom presets. Usually more than they make actually taking pictures.

http://kubotaimagetools.com http://www.gettotallyrad.com http://www.designaglow.com/store/ (just a few)

The glass effects look good. I noticed you are using fastspring which I have been considering as a payment processor, Have you had any issues with them? Also can you tell me how well does it handle digital downloads? The way it releases the download to the paid customer, or is it something you handle yourself? Thanks for any advice.

So why don't you start selling CSS with them too?

Wow, some stunning work there - the attention to Photoshop details is great (check out the gradient editor in the background tab). Keep it up!

It took me a little while to see the CSS Code link on the bottom left.. but that's probably because I was so busy messing around with the tool. Great work! keep it up.

Looks great. I did find a couple little bugs. One annoying, one not so much:

1) The annoying one - When backspacing over values in entry fields (such as opacity, or distance), backspacing over all the characters causes NaN to appear in the field. Sometimes you have to fight with the input field a bit to allow you to re-enter text. (Usually shift+home+the key you want to hit will work)

2) If you enter a ridiculous value such as 500 for percentage then the slider behaves strangely. Not annoying as it pretty quickly snaps back to where it should be.

I love the site, so please do not take these two critiques as a slight against it.

no offense taken. thanks for the observation! also don't mind to fill out bug reports on github https://github.com/mrflix/LayerStyles/issues or directly push fixes

Oh, nice. I didn't catch the link to github previously. (That seems to be a theme for me tonight.)

Has anyone tested this on any IE versions? I'm wondering about graceful degradation, but don't have a VM available at the moment.

Internet Explorer is not supported. There's a feature detection running at the start page which blocks off browsers who don't support all feature. No released IE supports background gradient's - so they are all blocked. IE 10 will support them, and by the speed browsers iterate nowadays (thanks to Chrome starting that trend) I have hopes that it's release won't take too long.

CSS3 Pie (http://css3pie.com/) adds linear gradient support to all versions of IE. Still not 100%, but it's enough for a lot of people.

I have never managed to use css3pie without it totally messing up all my other CSS.

I've used it on one site and it worked fine there, but admittedly that's a tiny sample size.

it has no support for color-stops in gradients, but your right - would be enough for most people. but since the audience are web-designers, for whom 2 color-stops would be a limitation, it's no option.

This is awesome. But please left align the toolbar and right align the element being edited. Can't wait to see this progress.

high priority in the todo!

It would be awesome if it could add several shadows/backgrounds.

Really nice tool, good job!

hah - and thats gonna be the next BIG thing! Was just too much work for the first release :)

Next step: ability to create an entire web page of these elements and get the markup as a file. Bye, bye Photoshop!

Very Nice!

Props should also go to http://www.colorzilla.com/gradient-editor/ who have been doing things like this in the past.

That site also generates the IE fallbacks as well.

I visited in Opera, which is not supported. But I was very pleased that the site didn't just block me for not being an approved browser, but actually tested for the existence of a feature. Bravo!

props to modernizr.js for making it so easy

Tools like this will force web designers to step up their game, because their magical css powers aren't so magical anymore. I welcome the development.

This is great!

Though i'd contest the assertion that it uses my 'favourite graphics editor', my 'graphics editor' would be more appropriate ;)

The beginning of something huge. Everybody thought of it but nobody executed — until now. Huge kudos to you Dale.

Beautifully done. This is one of those times you kick yourself for not thinking of it first :)

This is amazing. It's like they took InDesign's effects palette and put it in my browser.

great job. Please make more tools.

Definitely the future of HTML/CSS tools.

this is some cool shit

gr8 job! this is going to be a really handy tool.

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