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Love in GIT (gnome.org)
219 points by edu on May 10, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 27 comments

At my past couple of companies, we've tracked any births to the core eng team in the build system: you can go to the top of the build tree and type "make babies" to see who was born and when.

There's a joke in here somewhere about trying to make babies with a makefile, I'm sure of it. That's great build functionality!

In good relationships, as in Makefiles, you have to give each other space, but it has to be the right kind.

You also have to have clearly defined ground rules, and it helps to have contingency plans for unexpected events.

In the event the relationship receives a SIGHUP, you can only hope that it terminates gracefully- nobody likes a zombie relationship that's waiting on closure() that will never return due to the sudden absence of /dev/love.

Every time when I see humanity in code I feel a big relief. After all we are (still) humans, no?

Subtle biases.

As we all know, the ultimate expression of love is marriage.

And the ultimate expression of insight is sarcasm.

And the ultimate form of flattery is imitation.

The moderation on this whole thread has been incredibly entertaining to watch. I'm sort of surprised this joke post got beaten down and the sarcastic post got elevated.

Pro tip: be funny :)

And the ultimate form of exercise is swimming.


No, it's squash.

While I would never hope for or wish unhappiness on some one, I'm afraid the next punchline to this joke is an update in the future in which the thanks line is gone (presumably for his ex-wife).

Well, that's what we have git rebase for.

Not once you have published the change.

well, statistics say marriage is the number one cause of divorce.. i would say your line of thinking is spot on.. ;-)

Such comments always make my day, and I am always with an eye looking for them. Most of the time I feel like someone that's stuck in a jungle and finds marks of previous ... activity, "Hey, I am not alone".

Thanks for that. Unfortunately though, Love is but one of the many reasons people get married.

Fortunately, romantic love is but one of the many reasons that marriages turn out to be fulfilling.

And it can even develop after the wedding.


If anyone fancies improving on my little euristique de l'amour that'd be excellent.

got to keep those top level text files up to date.

Read it as "loving it"

Hah, awesome. Don't know what else to say...

Such acts make privacy concerns about Facebook et al. look trivial in comparison. Pulling last weekend's drunken photos or wall messages off your profile is not that onerous. Good luck tracking down all the forks of your git project and tampering with their history!

I don't think most people consider public expressions of gratitude a private matter, nor the fact that they are married to their spouse.

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