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I use Linkedin mainly for two reasons:

1. As a digital resume which recruiters/other people can find on their own, and can contact me if they really need to.

2. As somewhat of a soft sign that I "know"/"have been accepted as a connection by" people who work(ed) in the same company/area in the past. Kind of a signal that "maybe this guy is who he says he is".

Everything else on Linkedin is treated as trash. People I connect to are manually unfollowed almost immediately. Notification settings are modified so that I don't get any emails except inmails and connection requests. I thankfully haven't seen much spam from that till date.

Here are some firefox ublock origin filters I use to make the site a lot more bearable (basically removes the feed, the "news" sections, and other things which don't directly relate to the home page or connectivity). Only bad thing about this is that your list of connections won't show up; I haven't had the time to fix that yet.









These filters are great. Thanks for posting this.

It’s bad at #1, because LinkedIn causes unauthed viewers to hit a signup/loginwall. You’re better off putting it on your own website, because then even people who don’t subscribe to Microsoft’s user-hostile bullshit can read and view it.

You mean the Microsoft haters bullshit.

Linkedin was already like that before Microsoft bought it.

That is a per-user privacy setting. You can flip your profile to public.

Recruiters don't search your own site

The good ones do. I've got friends with blogs who post twice weekly with programming examples and tutorials. You wouldn't believe the jobs they get offered unsolicited. It sorts out the chaff because most recruiters don't know about blogs or can't be bothered.

Even better.

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