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"That fact alone is pointless without knowing how many Asian dance crews have entered. Like I said, most will never buck the trend and go against the grain - especially in such a dramatic way as pursuing dance and popular music."

That's specious reasoning, simply because if you're going to accept foremost the idea that all Asian kids are going to MIT and/or studying CS and pre-Med and doing almost nothing else, then it only stands to reason that a preponderance of them are not going to be pursuing dance and pop music in any significant number. Or, at least, that's what you claim.

Speaking of Pop music, in 2010, the Far East Movement had the #1 pop song in the country for a month. Bruno Mars is Filipino, and has had 3 of his songs in the top 10 songs.

So, either alot of them are pursuing dance and pop music in significant numbers, or Asians are so talented in either that they simply will themselves to greatness even though there are so few in pursuit of it. They simply excel in spite of themselves and in their cultural vacuum of tigers and testing.

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