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This is great but here are a few additions that I think are helpful when it comes to gathering information.

1. List all man pages of a specific section (e.g. section 4):

`man -k -s 4 . | sort`

2. Output all possible sections:

`man man | head -25`

3. Sometimes there is no man page but GNU info can be used:

`info ed`

`info emacs`

4. A nice website to explain comands and oneliners is explainshell.com. It can also be queried from a terminal quite conveniently.

5. If you're like me, you'll probably often list all the system calls by listing all the pages in section 2. A better way might be to look at the linux source code directly (choose the right architecture):


These are great suggestions, thank you! I'll add an addendum to the post crediting you for them.

Thanks for the link to ExplainShell; it'll help me a lot as a newbie.

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