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Does anyone use Skrill? I want to donate 14 euro before closing my account
1 point by fmfam 44 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
Hi everybody,

I have 14 euro on my Skrill account I created a day or two ago and I can't use them in any way but transferring to someone's account. I had enough with these scammers and I want to close my account.

Beware, my funds were deposited from MasterCard and they say recipient may have troubles using them.

I looked at FSF, at FreeBSD, - they don't accept Skrill. So, please recommend any charity or free software fund or your own project if you think it deserves this donation.

I don't want to harvest any of your info so don't leave your wallets here. Just comments with link or reason.

Topic closed.

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