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So make social and leadership skills part of the entrance exam to elite high schools/colleges and watch every one of these cram schools add soft skills to their lesson plans.

I'd also suggest adding ethics, but that's another conversation...

Start with toastmasters, for chrissake. It isn't rocket science.

This guy's blog goes into this in some depth


> "and watch every one of these cram schools add soft skills to their lesson plans"

I'd be interested in knowing how. You can't learn soft skills out of a book.

Tell that to the authors of the thousands of self-help books that line your local bookstore, many of which are dedicated to soft skills.

And you wouldn't necessarily have to learn it out of a book. The posted article cited several examples of programs to teach people soft skills.

Did you get to one of the parts of the article where they talked about the classes to learn soft skills? It's a few pages in. It is true they don't learn it out of a book, though, it's much more like a tutoring session, followed by a practical.

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Don't tell anyone, but get yourself a copy and read it. Twice.

Good luck. "Soft skills" are usually interpreted as a way to favor white people. If it isn't measurable, you're getting sued. And even if it is measurable, you're getting sued if advocates don't get what they want.

(Although poor social skills are not limited to any ethnic group.)

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