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What do you consider to be the non-yellow half?

He's referring to South Asia. The answer to his question is that "Asian" implies "East Asian" in American English because the majority of Asian Americans are East Asian. In the UK, "Asian" implies "South Asian" (for the same reason).

maybe brown skinned 1.15 billion people? Or the blue eyed, blond haired northern Asians who live in northern China (who are ethnically Chinese) or in Russia? Those are asians too.

The middle east, the .*stans, India, Russia. Yeah, Arabs are Asian, who knew?

Americans and Australians only refer to people from east Asia as "asian".

I've noticed those from the UK call people from the Indian Subcontinent "asians". I never noticed how they reference people from East Asia.

India, Russia, etc.?

So here we are, halfway through the posts, when we realize that we're each using a different definition of "Asian"!



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