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Ask HN: Investing in Renewable Energy?
2 points by Ologn 48 days ago | hide | past | favorite
If I wanted to invest some money in renewable energy, what is a good way to go about it?

I just bought some shares in the iShares Global Clean Energy Exchange traded fund. This ETF covers some of Plug Power, Meridian Energy, Emphase Energy, and other companies that produce energy from renewable sources.

One thing I like about it is that it is a basket of products - 100 shares of ICLN is spread across the industry. 100 shares of Tesla stock would cost about $60,000 and all be in one company.

I am not looking for fantastic returns, I just have money sitting in the bank and figure I could have it sitting in stocks, bonds or whatnot from companies connected with renewable energy. If I keep up with inflation I will be happy, if I make more than that, it is gravy (I just bought ICLN - it went up 98% in the past six months, but if it keeps pace with inflation over the next few years that is fine by me).

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