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This is why Asians are underrepresented in tech startups --- wrong set of cultural values and inclinations. (I am Asian)

Though I don't have data to back up my point, my impression is that there are actually a lot of Asian tech founders. (a well known example is Yahoo Co-founder). If you consider the population ratio to tech founder ratio, asians are probably doing a better job than some other non-white groups. Of course, if you compare the over-presentation of asians in elite universities with their presentation in startups,there could be a lot more asian tech founders. (i'm asian too)

Also no data, but my perception being in the Bay Area startup world is that Asian engineers are way underrepresented in comparison to their numbers in my CS programs (both undergrad and grad). This goes for both Chinese and Indian engineers. I always got the impression that Asian engineers tend to prefer larger companies like Oracle etc.

A preponderance of the founders and/or principle engineering teams in the most popular and promising web properties are Asian. Naveen Salvaduri at Foursquare, Steve Chen at Youtube, all three main engineers at Quora, Bill Nguyen at Color, even Euwyn Poon at YC S10 Opzi.

"All three main engineers at Quora" is an extremely inaccurate statement.


Kevin Der, Tracy Chou, Albert Sheu, and Shreyes Seshasai are all listed directly below the Co-founders on the aforementioned page. How is that an inaccurate statement? Because I said three instead of four?

There's no indication that that list is in direct order of importance at Quora. To assume so is a little rude, at best.

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